Amok Exif Sorter 3.23 Crack with License Key [Lifetime]

Amok Exif Sorter 3.23 Crack with Keygen Download

Amok Exif Sorter Crack

AmoK Exif Sorter Crack is an advanced Java-based software that allows you to rename, move, and copy images on ITCP and EXIF data. Generating file rename and folder structure are the best of key features. It is a user-friendly software solution crafted to simplify the organization and management of digital photos. With its intuitive interface and array of features, you have a streamlined method for sorting and categorizing photo collections based on Exif metadata. At its core, the tool leverages Exif metadata embedded within image files to automatically categorize and sort photos. The tool contains valuable information such as date, time, camera settings, and location. You can view key details about each photo without the need for manual input.

AmoK Exif Sorter Torrent has customizable sorting rules, which allow users to tailor the organization process to their specific preferences. Users can define custom rules based on Exif metadata fields. The creation of personalized sorting criteria suits their unique needs. Whether sorting by date, camera model, lens type, or any other Exif attribute, users have full control over the organization of their photos. Furthermore, offering flexibility in file handling allows users to choose processing and renaming sorted photos. The software supports options for copying, moving, or renaming photos, as well as the ability to create subfolders within the destination directory structure. Users can also customize the naming convention for sorted photos. It offers clear photo collections.

Amok Exif Sorter Key Features:

  • Software designed to organize and sort images based on their Exif metadata with a standard that specifies the formats.
  • Reads the Exif metadata embedded in image files with information such as date and time, camera settings, GPS coordinates, and more.
  • Users can define sorting criteria based on various metadata attributes.
  • Images can be sorted by date, camera model, location, or any other Exif tag.
  • Organizes the images into folders according to the specified criteria.
  • Helps users keep their photo library structured and easily navigable.
  • Allow for batch processing, meaning you can organize a large number of photos simultaneously.
  • Include the option to rename files based on their Exif data by providing a consistent and meaningful naming convention.
  • To avoid clutter, the sorter might offer features to identify and handle duplicate images.
  • Amok Exif Sorter Crack offers advanced filtering options to narrow down the range of images to be processed.
  • Users might filter based on specific periods, file types, or other criteria.
  • An option to keep the original files untouched while creating sorted copies so that the user’s original data remains unchanged.
  • It offers a wide range of image formats beyond standard JPEG, including RAW image formats from various camera manufacturers.
  • Ability to define a custom folder structure for organizing images.
Amok Exif Sorter License Key

Amok Exif Sorter 2024 Crack with Serial Number

AmoK Exif Sorter Cracked previews the results of sorting rules and file-handling options before executing the sorting process. You have the opportunity to make adjustments as needed. This ensures that users have full control over the organization of their photo collections and can fine-tune the sorting process to achieve optimal results. In terms of performance, you can deliver fast and efficient photo organization capabilities. The software is optimized for speed and reliability, with minimal system resource usage and responsive operation. Users can process large photo collections quickly and accurately. Their photos are sorted and organized with minimal effort. You can operate based on the Exif metadata embedded within digital image files.

AmoK Exif Sorter Serial Key categorizes photos into groups based on user-defined sorting rules, such as date taken, camera model, or location. One of the key features is its customizable sorting rules, which allow users to define their criteria for organizing photos. Users can specify which Exif metadata fields to prioritize and how photos should be grouped and sorted accordingly. Users can create rules to sort photos by date taken, with subfolders for each year, month, or day. It provides a structured and intuitive organizational scheme. In terms of performance, it excels in delivering fast and efficient photo organization capabilities. Users can easily navigate the software and access its features without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Advantages of Amok Exif Sorter:

  • Users can specify the hierarchy and naming conventions for the folders.
  • Offer integration with cloud storage services by allowing users to sort and organize images directly in their cloud-based photo libraries.
  • Integration with geotagging services to enhance sorting based on GPS coordinates and you can organize images by location.
  • Capability to edit or modify Exif metadata in batches including adding or updating information across multiple files simultaneously.
  • Automatic monitoring of designated folders for new images, when you add new photos, the sorter can apply the specified sorting rules.
  • Support for multiple languages in the user interface to cater to a diverse user base.
  • Backup functionality to save sorting preferences and configurations.
  • In case of system changes or reinstalls, users can easily restore their settings.
  • The ability to undo or redo sorting actions to correct any mistakes or changes made during the sorting process.
  • Informational displays or reports summarizing the sorting process, indicating the number of files processed, any errors encountered, and so on.
Amok Exif Sorter License Key

System Requirements:

  • Supports Windows 7/8/10
  • Requires 1GB of RAM
  • 100MB of Disk Space
  • Supports Intel CPU

What’s New in Amok Exif Sorter?

  • Efficiently, saves time that would otherwise be spent manually sorting and organizing images.
  • Provides a consistent way to name and categorize photos.
  • Preview options before applying sorting to ensure accuracy.
  • Offers various options for handling sorted photos, including copying, moving, or renaming files. 
  • Capable of handling errors or inconsistencies in metadata gracefully.
  • Optimized for speed and reliability, with minimal system resource usage and responsive operation.
  • Checks for spelling errors, timing inconsistencies, and formatting issues.
  • Quickly and easily access the software’s features without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

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How to Extract Amok Exif Sorter?

  • Download Amok Exif Sorter Crack using the link.
  • To unzip the downloaded files use WinRAR.
  • Use the setup files and install them completely.
  • Activate it using the provided license key.
  • Enjoy this utility software on your PC.


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